Best Fitness Trackers 2020 You Should Know

Are you a fitness enthusiast? Do you want to keep track of every calorie you burn? Well, you must be aware of the fact that mere exercising isn’t enough! One has to keep track of their routines, which is why fitness trackers are great. A fitness tracker is of great help for a person trying to remain or get in the right physique without the additional expenditure of a fancy smart-watch. Fitness trackers hold you accountable for your routine workouts.

Several promising fitness tracker models now comprise other fitness and health features such as tracking your sleep, heart-rate tracks, and many more attractive features. They’ll then share that health tracking data with an app to provide you a wider view of your overall health. 

In this guide, we have made a list of the best fitness trackers 2020 you need to check out right now. The best part is that they are reasonably priced during this holiday shopping season.

Fitbit Charge 4

If you are looking for a fitness tracking device that functions a lot similar to a smart-watch without the additional expense, the Fitbit Charge 4 can be the best luck for you. It scans all the boxes when it deals with health details. It has promising workout features for sportsperson than any other Fitbit tool. 

It has an in-built feature that connects GPS to track outdoor workouts solely for your phone. If you wish to maintain track of your data, you will have to download the Fitbit application, which performs an incredible chore of cracking down how much headway you have made and how near you are to attaining your fitness objective. It can also help you make mobile payments, and the selection to answer messages very handy for all Android users.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4

The most attractive feature of Xiaomi My Band 4 is that it is available at a very affordable price. This fitness watch unfolds maximum amazing features. Almost all the features available in more expensive watches are accessible in My band 4, like the AMOLED touchscreen feature, which improves screen readability outside, 24 and 7 hours display of heart rate, and sleep tracker.

The list doesn’t end here; it has long-lasting battery life, which lasts for almost a half week before getting discharged. The primary feature that this inexpensive fitness tracker does skip out is a workout and exercise variety; it limits to just inspecting jogging, swimming, walking, cycling, so many more workouts such as Pilates or yoga have to be monitored under the general exercise category.

Fitbit Inspire 2

If you’re searching for a fitness band that’s extra discrete and cheaper than the other fitness bands, Fitbit Inspire 2 is made for you. You will not have the GPS or mobile pay-off choices. It has the necessities when it comes to fitness and health, including heart-rate tracking, mechanical workout detection, and a comprehensive sleep estimation with Fitbit Premium, which comes with a free one year after the purchase. 

It is also the closest substitute to jewelry with a glossy screen, which can work as an accessory and go with any dress code. If you want to dress it up as an accessory, what you can do is swap its sports bands with leather or stainless steel bands, which are sold separately. However, the fascinating perk is its battery life. It can last for more than ten days. 

Apple Watch Series 3

You must be confused that this is not a tracker, right? But even if you scrape out all of its smart-watch outlines, the Apple Watch would yet carry its own as a standalone fitness tracker. And the reasonable Series 3 has everything you will ever want. Not only does it maintain the invoices on your fitness and workout as most of the trackers on this catalog, but it also provides you access to dozens of fitness applications, varying from jogging trainers to stamina exercise patterns, to navigate you through your exercises.

Fitbit Versa Lite Edition

For several years, one edition or the other edition of Fitbit’s record-breaking smart-watch has always topped the list. The Versa Lite edition is a good option for anyone who needs a smart-watch or a fitness tracker combo at a reasonable cost. Different from the Apple Watch, it operates with both Android and iPhones. It has a good battery backup, and by that, it implies you can wear it while napping and hold a benefit of Fitbit’s extensive sleep-tracking details; all these features make the model the best in the market. 

Best Fitness Trackers 2020

But unfortunately, it only offers a GPS connection, which depends on your phone for your exact location, without any altimeter, and it doesn’t track swimming. However, Versa 2 proposes additional aspects if you don’t care to expend a little extra on them.

Letsfit Fitness Tracker

Letsfit’s smart-watch cannot compete with the Fitbit Versa; however, many buyers still go for the Letsfit fitness tracker because of its price. The distinctions are very apparent to any buyer who has used real Versa earlier. The lock is carved from ordinary plastic, the tracked metrics on the watch face are very basic, and the VeryFitPro application is not impressive, and the buyer will not derive pleasure.

Best Fitness Trackers 2020

However, the model is watertight, and the pedometer is fairly accurate. It has a moderate battery life, which lasts about a week, and the band is smooth and comfy. If you need an even ordinary, reasonable tracker, then you can go for the Letsfit Fitness Tracker. 

Amazfit GTS

First up, the Amazfit GTS appears identical to the layout you’d want on an Apple Watch. Followed by, you get to select from five different shade choices. This can be one of the nicest looking smart-watches in demand as well. This fitness tracker has a 1.65 larger screen with an AMOLED screen along with Gorilla 3 screen protector.   

Best Fitness Trackers 2020

The smart-watch is carved of aluminum, and it’s watertight, which will help you take this down the water without any fear of getting disrupted. It has a smart GPS, good battery life, which even makes it the best of the great. The list does not end here; it comes with GTS onboard, keeping track of heart rate. 

That’s our Best Fitness Trackers 2020 you can buy right now on the market. If you have got a favorite, let us know in the comments below.

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