How to Connect Samsung Smart TV to Amazon Echo

Enjoy voice control? By connecting these two pieces of technology, you can do more!

Samsung Smart TV and Amazon Echo

This handy guide will show you how to connect your 2018 or 2019 Samsung Smart TV to your Amazon Echo (Alexa) with just a few simple apps. If you have a newer Samsung Smart TV (2020 +) then you are in luck because Alexa will already be built in.

If you’re wondering why someone might want to connect a Samsung Smart TV to an Amazon Echo, the answer is simple – to get more control over your devices and synchronize the smart technology throughout your house. By pairing the two, you will be able to power your smart TV on and off by using voice commands, as well as perform simple tasks like changing the volume. This is great for those of us who love to use voice-controlled technology, and also great for people who may have a disability and are not able to use their hands or arms as well as others.

How Do I Connect My Samsung Smart TV to Amazon Echo? – Step-by-step

Connecting these two pieces of technology is fairly straight forward, but if you’ve never done it before, you may be wondering how to get started. Read on for a simple and concise guide.

  • Power on and get the apps. Once both the Samsung Smart TV and Amazon Echo are powered on, make sure you have the apps downloaded that we are going to need to use. These are the Samsung SmartThings app and the Amazon Alexa app. Log into both of these apps with the same account information that you have used for both your Smart TV and your Echo.
  • Discover the Smart TV. Open the SmartThings app and use it to discover your Samsung Smart TV. To do this, go to the devices menu and add a new device (your Smart TV). Once discovered, press the toggle next to its name to enable it to be used as a smart device.
  • Discover the Amazon Echo. Open the Amazon Alexa app and use the discover devices option to discover and select your Echo.
  • Connect the two apps. Staying in the Alexa app, select the SmartThings skill and use your Samsung account credentials to log in. Doing this means each of your devices should now be discoverable to one another.
  • Pair the devices. Your Samsung Smart TV should now be shown on your Amazon Alexa app. Simply click it to pair the two devices and begin using your new voice controls on your Samsung Smart TV.

It’s as simple and as straightforward as that! Hopefully this article has helped you to understand how to pair the Samsung Smart TV and the Amazon Echo (Alexa) devices together in order to be used for voice control. Happy viewing!

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