Hulu is a great TV service that millions of people are using it to watch their TV shows, news, sports, movies and so on. It’s much cheaper than the traditional cable connection. Thus, the result is that many people are subscribing to this great TV streaming service to watch their favorite entertainment content. However, in some cases, while you are trying to stream the content, you can face the loading problems when visting a website or opening app. There will be a message with the error code displaying on the screen. We’d like to talk about Hulu 500 error. If you are in the same difficulty, below are potential solutions to fix it.

What causes Hulu 500 error

A Hulu 500 error can occur while you use the streaming device or a website. In fact, it’s an internal error on the server of the website. When there is something going wrong with the website and you can view this message. Many of you usually ask the technical team for taking care of it. But you can still try the following solution on your own to fix the Hulu 500 error.

Solutions to fix Hulu 500 error

Reload the page

The first solution you should try is to close the page and re-open it again. You should reload the page by clicking on the Refresh option. Select the URL in the search bar and choose ‘Refresh’. You can also press the key combination: Ctrl + R or F5. If the Hulu 500 error disappears, you can then visit the webpage normally.

Delete cookies

There are too many cookies in your browser, then it can occur the Hulu 500 error. In this case, you should get rid of the cookies. All you need is to open the Menu page.

  • If you are using Chrome, click on‘More Tools’ and choose ‘Clear browsing data’ option. It will show you an option to clear cookies. Select the option, based on your preference.
  • For Firefox browser, click on ‘Menu > Options > Privacy & Security’. From there, scroll down and choose ‘Cookies and Site Data’. After that, click on ‘Clear Data’, choose cookies you want to delete or you can click on ‘Remove All’.
  • For Safari browser, click on ‘Menu >Preferences > Privacy.’ From there, check the ‘Block all cookies’ section. If you want to see all the stored cookies, navigate to ‘Manage Website Data’.

Remove the cache

 Removing the cache is also a great solution to fix the error. Simply head to ‘Settings’ of your browser. Next, click on ‘Clear browsing data’. You will have options to clear the cache.

Restart your device

You should also try to restart your computer or mobile fix Hulu 500 error. Powering off your modem for a couple of minutes and switch it back on. You should also check the internet connection by disconnecting Wi-Fi on your device and reconnecting to it. If the connection is interrupted, it needs to be solved first.

Check the updates available

You should also check if there is an update available for Hulu app or not a new update is available or not. For Android devices, open up ‘Google Play Store” tap on “Menu > My apps & games’. Tap on ‘Hulu’ and choose ‘Update’. If you are using Apple TV, simply launch the Apple Store, hit the ‘Purchased’ option. After that, navigate to Settings > General > Update. If there is an update available, simply download and install it on your TV.

Uninstall and reinstall Hulu app

If possible, you can try to uninstall the Hulu app and then re-install the latest version on your device.

Contact others

If you encounter loading Hulu, you can try to contact other people in your area and check whether they are also experiencing the same trouble as you. If yes, you can contact the technical team for further support.

Above are potential solutions to fix Hulu 500 error while loading the app. If you have other problems, let’s know in the comment below, we’ll try to help you out.

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