Industry Technology that Doesn’t Get the Limelight

You don’t have to be an industry expert to know what’s getting all the attention when it comes to technology. In fact, even just a casual reader of any business news can come across a list of the ‘hottest new tech’ that’s allegedly transforming the corporate world. While these popular devices – the touch screen, for example – have indeed impacted the way we live and do business, we often end up over-looking equally important tech. Here’s just some of the most underrated industry technology.

Data capture

Capturing data is an industry development that certainly deserves attention. Perhaps the main reason it deserves to go noticed is the simple fact that without it, our lifestyles would be dramatically different. Imagine going to a supermarket and finding half empty shelves. Now imagine waiting weeks, if not months, for those missing items to be available. The simple fact of the matter is that because shops and their suppliers work together to share data via handheld scanners, there is more chance that we can have access to what we want. And, when the product we want is not available at the shop, a member of staff will be able to tell us when it will be, or even order it for home delivery. None of this would be possible without the technology provided by companies like Symec.

Further applications

Another behind the scenes application of this kind of tech is processing items for shipment. For example, thermal printers and barcode printers can label items as they come off the production line, saving time and money. This type of technology enables manufacturers to reduce their reliance on warehousing stock. Stock that is kept in warehouses can be instantly tracked and managed much more effectively, all through the use of a tiny handheld device.

The use of handheld machines has also helped improve the technology that we use in our daily lives at home and at work. If shipping companies and manufacturers had not adopted these devices, there may not have been scope to develop the technology of today’s advanced level.

Credit where credit is due

So, the next time you stroll into the supermarket and fill your basket with all your favourite foods, or when you download a new book to your Kindle and start reading it 30 seconds after clicking “buy” on Amazon, think about the technology that makes this happen. It may not be headline grabbing like the new iPhone, but it is essential to the way we live our lives today.


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