iPhoneIMEI.net- Unlocking Review – Scam or worth it?

Today, I decided to write this review to talk about my unforgettable experience, and I also don’t want you to be scammed or wasting money. I bought an iPhone 7 Plus locked to AT&T USA. So I wanted to get it unlocked.

iPhoneIMEI.net review – Scam or not?

I thought it wouldn’t work with iPhoneIMEI.net service

How will you feel if you get scammed? I’m sure this is completely uncomfortable. To unlock my iPhone, I search Google for AT&T unlocking service. Most people on TrustReview or whatever (website collecting people reviews about businesses) refer iPhoneIMEI.net to unlock AT&T iPhone and I checked it and it just costs about ~20 dollars (not sure how much it costs now because prices change frequently, I think)

Then I pay for the service and after about 5 hours, I got an email from iPhoneIMEI.net and I thought it was about notifying me that my iPhone is unlocked successfully. But how disappointed, they told me that my iPhone is “not Clean” and I have to pay extra for upgrading to “Premium service”.

Well, actually I’m not sure if it’s not clean or not but I really doubt about this company. I did some research again and see some bad reviews as well. At this point, I was really worried.

Thanks iPhoneIMEI.net!!! My iPhone got unlocked and working like a charm!

Not giving up, finally I found some reviews of people talking about the same cases, that their orders were rejected with the same reason “IMEI isn’t clean from AT&T database” but the unlock did work perfectly after purchasing the extra fee.

I tried some various ways on Google and see iPhoneIMEI is in top for all. That means this site has received a big preference from Google over others, so this helped me feel much more confident about their service. I also found that there was a range of good reviews on some feedback sites, TrustReviews, Trustpilot, etc and their pricing seemed at first to be the most reasonable. Not only that, iPhoneIMEI had video feedback from real customers as well.

So I decided to just try it out, paid the extra cost. Just after 5 days (not really fast though), I received an email telling me that my phone was successfully unlocked. Do you think I had been scammed? No, I tried to connect my iPhone to my Macbook and iTunes showed me a message “Congratulations! Your iPhone has been unlocked!”

So I guess I’m now happier than many of you as my iPhone has been successfully unlocked. iPhoneIMEI is not a SCAM, they are real I confidently guarantee. You are just sure to read the term of conditions carefully on their website before making a payment ,and finally they won’t make you disappointed.


  1. Watch out i went on the website and it said for only $28 you can unlock your iphone so i did that. I paid eith Visa and paid the $28 now that payment went through its telling me to add another $33 to finish to process. I emailed the company for refund and the support was very rude and said no refunds. It’s a trick they tell you a low price so you start paying and after payment goes through it tells you we need more money. What a joke and worse service. DO NOT TRUST !


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