There is a thing we cannot deny that Apple is very excellent in protecting users privacy and security. You might never have seen the data loss in Apple’s system. Even when the recent release of Apple Card, the same goes with it. If you have just grabbed an Apple Card and want to protect it better, you need to strengthen the privacy and security of your card.

This post today will share you some useful tips that can you protect your Apple Card info efficiently. While the Apple Card’s security is already strong enough, being lazy can cause you to regret. These following tips are applied for your digital Apple Card information and are not for your the physical as it’s already much secure!

How to Protect Your Apple Card Information

Aside from protecting your iPhone/iPad with security apps, you should take some precautions so that you can secure your Apple Card information better. Below are the best tips to protect your Apple Credit card information.

Do Not Share Lock Screen Passcode

In case you let anyone know your lockscreen passcode, you can easily sneak into your Wallet app to see your Apple Card information. So you should make sure that you do not share the passcode with anyone.

Do Not Add Fingerprint or Face ID of Other People

You might trust many people around you and you keep a good relationship with them. But you might not know that many people intend to add their fingerprint or Face ID to your device so that they can open yours anytime. This is wrong! You should only trust your family members, but it’s safe without adding anyone’s fingerprint or FaceID to your iPhone/iPad.


Never Share your Apple Card Number

While there is not any number appearing on your physical card, all the details can be found in your wallet app. So, if anyone can access your wallet app, they can view the number and CVV of your Apple Card. So make sure you have never let anyone know your Apple Card number through a call or a message.

Use Passcode to Protect Wallet App

Using a passcode to protect your Wallet app is the best way to keep your Apple Credit card information. To do this, you should lock your wallet app and then set up a passcode so that nobody can access it without your permission. Once a passcode is set, do not share it with anyone to protect your information.

Do Not Use Public Networks for a Payment

Free WiFi becomes more popular nowadays. However, if you want to improve both your iPhone and your Apple Card security, make sure to use the personal network or your Wi-Fi at home which is not shared to anyone whenever you make an Apple Card payment.

Don’t Share Apple ID & Password

You usually lock your iPhone with your Apple ID and password. However, if the Apple ID password is leaked, each information in your iPhone might be at risk. Even when you set a passcode to the Wallet app on your iOS device, it can still be accessed. So you should not share your Apple ID & password with strangers.

Contact Apple for Support

If you need further assistance or help, you can send messages to Apple customer service! To get more help for your Apple Card, you can follow these steps below:

Step 1: Launch the Wallet app on your iPhone/iPad

Step 2: Tap on More info button in Wallet Appmore section which is on the top right corner.

Step 3: Select Message and then ask your question. Wait for the response from Apple sent to you.

You can still complain if you feel trouble with your Apple Card and you can get the help from 24/7 support!

Keep Your Bank Info Safe

Aside from your Apple Card, you should also keep your bank details liked to your Apple Card payment safe. If someone knows your bank details or your credit card details, it will be a headache issue. Thus, like your Apple Card number, you should keep your bank details as well as your credit card associated with your account in a safe place.

Above are some helpful tips to protect the privacy and security your Apple Card info added into your iPhone better. If you have any question, let’s know in the comment below.


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