The Importance of Recycling For Your Business

Recycling is now a word firmly entrenched in the business lexicon. As part of a responsible approach towards the environment, companies are expected to take this issue seriously and to do their best to reduce waste.

One area of potential waste that many enterprises focus on is packaging. Companies rely on effective packaging to store and transport their products. For those who deal with dangerous goods, such provisions are particularly important. Luckily, it is now easier than ever for these businesses to minimise wastage. By choosing the right provider, organisations can ensure they are able to order only as many boxes, bottles and other containers as they need. For example, dangerous goods packaging specialist Air Sea Containers Ltd has no minimum order quantity, meaning firms need never bulk buy excessive quantities of these items.

By making the effort to recycle and to cut waste, your enterprise can reap a whole range of benefits, and here are some of the most important.

Doing your bit for the planet

Of course, the main goal of adopting responsible practices is to reduce environmental harm. Recycling helps to save the Earth’s resources and it also lowers energy use. It requires considerably less energy to create products using recycled materials than it does to start with raw materials. For example, producing steel items from recycled metal is 75 per cent more efficient than creating these objects using raw materials.

In turn, this reduces CO2 emissions, which helps to limit climate change. Another major environmental boon associated with recycling is the fact that it cuts the amount of rubbish deposited in landfill. As well as taking up space, landfill produces the greenhouse gas methane.

Enhancing your reputation

Recycling can also enhance your company’s reputation. These days, people want to know that they’re doing business with responsible organisations. Therefore, by showing you have impressive green credentials, you stand to attract more sales.

Saving cold, hard cash

Last but by no means least on this short list, recycling can save your business money. By sorting and salvaging waste, you can reduce your rubbish collection costs. Now, all waste sent to landfill is subject to a special tax that currently stands at £80 per tonne. In contrast, this tax is not levied on waste you send to be recycled.

Now, the majority of companies take the issue of recycling seriously, and given the environmental and financial benefits associated with a responsible approach to waste management, it’s not hard to see why.


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