Roku Smart TV Review

Thinking about picking up a Roku 4K Smart TV for the streaming service? Make sure to check out this article first!

Roku is a company that makes a variety of media streaming devices. The name ‘Roku’ translates to ‘six’ in Japanese, because Roku was the sixth company launched by its creator, Anthony Wood. The company has been in business since 2008 and has seen exponential growth in recent years for a number of reasons. This article will let you know the benefits of owning a Roku Smart TV as well as what their streaming services offer and how they stack up to other streaming services, like Hulu. As well as this, we will hand-select our top picks and tell you why they are the best of the bunch.

Roku Smart TV Review – Benefits

Perhaps the biggest benefit of owning a Roku Smart TV is the continued support from the company itself and the app developers. Many Smart TV’s end up abandoned within a few months to a year by the developers in favour of setting their sights on newer projects. With Roku Smart TV’s this is not the case. Roku Smart TV’s receive frequent system updates that you can be sure will continue for a long time to come. This means your TV will be kept up to date with the latest patches, fixes, and updated features for as long as you own it.

Roku Smart TV’s give you the ability to stream multiple services through many of the supported apps. These include but are not limited to NetflixYouTubeHulu, and Apple TV+. The great thing about apps on the Roku Smart TV’s is that the developers also consistently update and offer support for them. With many other TV’s you will often find that the apps that were once great and handy features are forgotten about after a while. The developers do not often offer continued and ongoing support to them like they do on Roku Smart TV’s.

Another benefit of owning a Roku Smart TV is of course the price. Whenever buying a new piece of technology it is inevitable that price will factor into your decision somewhere along the way. Most Roku Smart TV’s, regardless of the manufacturer or screen size, are competitively priced. The exception to this is the TCL 8-Series.

Roku Smart TV’s are also incredibly easy to pick up and start using without any prior knowledge of how to work them. They are designed with the user in mind and it shows. The remotes often feature additional things like a 3.5mm headphone jack (for those personalized viewing sessions) and a small microphone to make use of its voice control options. There is even a Roku App available on both iOS and Android, which once downloaded, will allow you to control your Roku Smart TV with your phone!

Roku Smart TV Review – What is on Offer?

When you buy a Roku Smart Tv, you are not just getting a TV, but an entire streaming service package. As well as the apps and streaming services we touched on earlier, you will also be getting access to the Roku Streaming channel. The Roku Streaming channel offers a completely free-to-use service of TV shows and movies, with the option of adding additional, paid, content from services like Starz, Showtime, and Epix. 

As if that wasn’t enough to swing the deal, Roku Smart TV’s also have over 100 free LIVE TV channels available for you to watch at your will. These include but are not limited to ABC News Live, NowThis, USA Today, and Reuters. If sports are more your kind of thing, Roku have you covered, too. With free channels like Adventure Sports Network, Fubo Sports Network, and Outside TV, there’s more than enough here to keep you occupied. 

There is no subscription fee for any of Roku’s streaming services, so one you have bought the television and set up your free account, you can start delving into its apps and channels straight away without hidden charges. Of course, the streaming services like Netflix and Hulu are also there, but require a separate subscription in order to watch them. 

As well as apps and channels, Roku Smart TV’s have countless games on offer, to keep the little ones in your life occupied, live news and weather, and personal media. With a Roku Smart TV, you are getting the entire package for a budget price.

Roku Smart TV Review – The Best Roku TV Overall

When it comes to deciding which Roku Smart TV we would recommend over the others, there is one that stands out above the rest. And that is the Roku TCL 6-Series. We say this because not only is the Roku TCL 6-series reasonably and affordably priced but it performs better than any other TV within its price range.

Offering screen refresh rates up to 1440p at 120Hz, the TCL 6-Series is great for high-end gaming. On top of this, it produces bright, vibrant picture quality for both SDR and HDR content and offers a steady 800 – 900 nits of brightness. Great for those rooms that have a lot of ambient lighting!

The TCL 6-series is available in three sizes (55 inch, 65 inch, and 75 inch) and can be found on Amazon here and Best Buy here.

Roku Smart TV Review – The Bottom Line

So there you have it: our easy to follow review on the Roku Smart TV range and its services. If you’re looking for a Smart TV that packs a massive punch for the price, then look no further than a Roku. You will not be disappointed by the variety of apps free content available without the need for a subscription, but there is plenty more there for those who want it.

Before you go, there is one more thing worth looking into! If you’re not in the market for a TV or perhaps don’t have the budget for one right now, Roku also offers a Smart TV stick that can be plugged directly into any TV. This means you can still get most of the benefits of the Roku streaming apps and services.

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