PlayStation 5 Review: Amazing Console with Revolutionary Controller

The most awaited announcement of 2020 was made by Sony Interactive Entertainment to launch the PlayStation 5 (PS5). A new generation champion is all set to compete with the terrifically successful rival PlayStation 4. The latest home video game console has 2 variants: a base model with ultra HD Blu- ray compatible optical disc drive and the other one is the digital edition lacking this drive. Thus, providing a lower-cost model for folks who prefer buying games through digital download.

Phenomenal lighting and haptic feedback

DualSense haptic feedback

This platform looks impeccable for holding a solid-state drive modified for high-speed data streaming for brilliant storage performance. The product looks massive and powerful. The super-fast SSD and new controller, the DualSense makes it truly remarkable.

PS5 super-fast SSD

Another good reason that could attract buyers is its 4K resolution at about 120 frames per second displaying pragmatic lighting or reflections. So, you can easily enjoy the smooth and fluid high frame rate gameplay. PS5 featuring the distinctive DualSense will be an amazing experience for the next generation peers. I guess it’s time for the audience to feel another level of haptic feedback, indeed deserves to be believed in.

3D audio and limitless play

Playstation 5 console is one of my most heart throbbing possessions, I am confident to have. Adaptive trigger and 3D Audio are enthralling. No doubt, why they say that play has no limits. Seriously, guys, it’s incredible to sense the power of a custom CPU, GPU, and SSD. PS5 looks like it is made up of a glossy, black case integrated between a pair of twisted, matte-white plastic plates and has a detachable stand. I would boast about having the best edition of the console. I get a lifelike and vibrant range of colors with this HDR TV supported PS5. Its compatibility with 8K displays through HDMI 2.1 support adds another feather to its cap.

The PS5’s controller is the only real sign that Sony has now opted to be beyond just sheer processing power. It is aimed for a more integrated upgrade surrounding the way games are supposed to make feel and sound. The trendiest feature is DualSense. It is an enormous up-gradation compared to its DualShock predecessor. The DualShock comes with the technology which will help to immerse you into the games while you play in an inventive way with the latest techniques.

PlayStation 5 Review
PS5 wireless headset

When you pull down the left trigger in order to aim the sites of a gun in the Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, the resistance beneath your finger varies as per the weight of the gun. While pulling the right trigger and the first bit of movement feels to be light before getting a sort of bite point which you need to click through in order to fire the gun.

Another instance is while switching to Astro’s Playroom, you can literally feel the raindrops as they land on the umbrella. It may sound a sort of gimmicky, but the main factor is it’s testament to the quality engineering and how it is seamlessly holistic with the visualization and sound effects which feel as if the opposite is true.

One of my favorite possessions to date

I wasn’t expecting that the matte, off-white finish to the plates and glossy black plastic strips around the edge of the unit will look so pleasing to the eyes. Although the warped- curved plates and overhanging corners make it look slightly as clumsy as the old car dashboard, nevertheless I am happy to acknowledge that it fits better in my place. I appreciate the idea of quick access to regularly used system features and game activities without even leaving my gameplay. I could jump directly into specific missions, modes, and quests from the console’s Control Center while game creators can build their PS5 games.

Simple and quirky console games

Well, it is of course not the first console game to win the hearts, it does miss a sleek and simple tech structure, the demand of today’s era. Also when compared, PS5 lacks an optical audio out which was featured in PS4. On the other hand, it’s made simpler to find access to the Ultra HD Blu-ray optical drive, high-speed USB port(Type-A ), super-speed USB port( Type-C), power button, and eject button as they all lie in the front and adjacent to each other. The power connection, an HDMI 2.1 out, two super-speed USB ports, and an Ethernet port are adjusted on the backside. I don’t find any hassle in looking out for the buttons.

Easy installation and organization

PlayStation 5 Review
PS5 backwards compatibility

The bulk of the game has to be positioned vertically on a stand held using a single screw(slotted, “cheese head” screw) to prevent it from dropping out of it. It comes along with the stand itself and is easy to install as it does not need any additional fixtures. Once it is perched inside the stand, PS5 is about 40cm tall (around 16 inches), quite huge than 2 original PS4s stacked together, bigger than the PS3, and the VCR-Esque original Xbox One. I managed to fit it inside my furniture, and when it’s about accommodating PS5, then who would not create enough space for the most welcomed version of the year.

Enables online multiplayer game matches

What I loved the most about PS5 is that game creators can enable online multiplayer game matches between PS4 and PS5 players by means of a simple invitation. Being a successor, it still has roots though the menus appear different and classic. It just takes one button press (on the center of the controller) to fetch all the info (including current downloads, online friends on PS4) at once using PS5 Control Centre.

PlayStation 5 Review
PS5 Control Center

When you hit the PlayStation button, you will notice special dubbed activity cards presented on-screen which might give you the links to recent articles about games you’re following on PlayStation and screenshots. I need to explore a little as it seems to be quite more useful and reveals the estimated time to finish a certain level. Each PS5 game has its own artistic mini-theme, with added musical notes from the game.

No more primitive, just smart with DualSensor

The improved potential of PS5 comes from the DualSense controller that has a built-in mic, eliminating the use of headsets. But it does also have a 3.5mm jack for those who prefer using headphones. The charging port is USB-C. So, Sony has put forth a sincere effort to develop a comfortable gamepad but could not work much on its battery life. The pre-installed Astro’s Playroom looked like an impressive tech demonstration for the DualSense and gives a wonderful tour through PlayStation’s heavy hardware history.


  • You can continue using any external hard drive you may have already used in your PS4 and carry on playing PS4 games with it.
  • It has one of the most incredible SSD speeds. Due to which even the Unreal Engine had to be modified in order to be properly optimized for the PlayStation 5.
  • It is equipped with one of the most innovative controllers you can think of.
  • It contains a stronger as well as larger library of exclusives.
  • Intuitive user interface.
  • It is so popular that it is easy to find friends who have it already.
  • There are many extra features that you get with PS5 compared to others such as superior digital-only option.
  • It is also comparatively easier on the developers.


  • PS5 games can only be enjoyed when installed on the SSD. And in addition to this, Sony-approved drives don’t seem to have hit the market yet.
  • You can store PS5 games on an external HDD but also need to copy it back to the SSD to play.
  • There are many old games which are not supported by PS5.
  • PS5 games will be priced higher than others.
  • Lack of support for SSD storage expansion at launch.

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