Upcoming Fifa 21 FUT Improvements You Should Know

Recently, EA has released the trailer for the new FIFA 21 that coming this September. The trailers have revealed new changes and adjustments in the game, which is promising to be a big improvement for the current frustrating FIFA 20. Alongside the improved Career/Single Play mode, Fifa Ultimate Team is also getting improvements this year. As every year, the FUT Online mode is always the mainstream and also the number one money maker for EA in the game.  So what are the improvements in FUT and will they worth the expectation from players? Let’s find out.

FUT Co-op: Play And Get Rewards Together

This is considered the most interesting new feature of the FUT 21.  FUT Co-Op will bring excitement to you and your comrades. Just invite friends who are already in the friend list to the Co-Op lobby, the two can join Squad Battles, Rivals, and even FUT Friendlies. In recent years FIFA has focused on single-player competition which makes players feel difficult, isolated, and boring sometimes. But now with Fut Co-Op, instead of grinding Futchamps and doing Objectives alone, you can share this task with your friends. Now both of you can play together, complete the same task, get the same rewards. Most importantly, you can interact, laugh, and blame your teammate on lost. This is the fun factor of online games that finally coming to the FUT.

FUT Co - Op

Community Events

Another multi-players feature that is coming to FIFA. Any online games must have server-wide events but the past FIFA versions barely have them. Therefore, the new Comunity Events will appear in FUT 21.T. Challenges will now have a time limit: either win the CPU together and accumulate points to win the whole server gift, or choose sides to face off in the completely new #TeamVsTeam challenge. Community Events promises to help the community of FUT players becomes more connected, everyone has a more fun time playing FIFA 21 together.

FUT Stadiums: Create Your Own Stadium

EA decided to give their players bigger customization in the game this year. No longer limited to the default stadium models with real-world copyrights, FUT players in the upcoming FIFA 21 will also be able to manually create their own stadium. From cheerleading banners, stands, giant tifos, or even chants. Everything players can edit to their own preferences, bringing personalities separately in each match to welcome the visitors to their own territory.


Changes In Division Rivals

FIFA 21 will continue to tighten the ranking system as well as the number of weekly matches that players can play. In addition, the game also comes with immense benefits for those who invest time in ranking. Here are some big changes in Rivals:

– In addition to playing the first 5 matches of Rivals to get their ranked elo, players can also play the first 10 matches of Squad Battles to get a similar rank.

– First Time Rewards: In addition to the fixed rewards that are ranked in rank ranks, FIFA 21 will include a One-Time Achievement system. Every time a player reaches a rank up for the first time, the system will reward players with extremely valuable bonus milestones that can only be claimed one time only. This feature will somewhat make it easier for player to upgrade their squad and climb the rank

– Weekly match limit:  In FIFA 20, Players can play unlimited Rivals matches to play in the weekends to improve their elo. However, FUT 21 will now limit the elo plowing process. From now on, the elo plow phase of the week will be limited to only 30 matches. FUT players can still continue grinding FUT Champs, but their elo will no longer count. This is to ensure a healthier competitive environment, to avoid pro players to abuse lower-tier Division for Objectives. It also limits the problems with smurfing players prevent new players from climbing ranks.  


New Live Update Mechanic

Previous Live Update cards like the TOTW  will often change all the stats of a well-performed player’s card. Normally, their OVR will get boosted, thereby boosting other sub stats as well. This feature sometimes creates an unbalance card that makes the game chaotic and frustrating. Some cards even called a game-breaker or cheat code. Therefore, FUT 21 will remove this feature completely. Instead, a player who performed well in a section, their stats will only go up that section. For example, a player score 2 freekicks in a game will only get his free-kick stats boosted. These changes apply to both FUT and Live Update in the Kick-Off mode. As the imbalance card will now hardly appear, players will have to think more when investing their coin in a card. 


FUT Friendlies

Sometimes a game online is not just about events and competition. Getting fun and relax is also one big part of it. Therefore, FUT Friendlies mode is added to help you get fun and ease yourself after a hard grind. With new, strange, and unexpected game modes Live FUT Friendlies will help make the game become more attractive with new rules, new challenges that are constantly updated, making players not bored.

Changes in Stamina and Items

The FUT item system is something that has been complained about by the community in the past few years because there are things that gamers almost never touch. This will also be omitted from FUT 21.  Matches no longer make players physically exhausted in real-time, injuries will also be packed into a single healing item, eliminating training cards and messy buffs. Time-wasting action is also something FIFA 21 will try to eliminate by reducing replays, transitions, and kickoff duration.


ICONS 100: New Legends Are Coming To FUT 21

And of course, an indispensable part is a series of new ICONs landing on legendary land! So far, EA has announced 11 brand-new ICONs, and this number certainly won’t stop here.


There you go, now you have the big improvements that are coming to the Fifa 21 Ultimate Teams. What is your expectations about this upcoming game? Let us know in the comments!

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