What to expect from CES 2021?

Is CES truly canceled?

The decision to cancel CES 2021 was made due to coronavirus. However, don’t despair, instead of Las Vegas, its usual hosting city, CES will happen fully digitally in 2021. It is said to return to its physical location in 2022.

What is CES?

CES or Consumer Electronics Show is the most influential technology event in the globe. The CES is owned by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA). The CTA is also the producer of the show. 

CES 2021

CES is famous for bringing together the biggest brands and most advanced innovators to showcase new technologies and hardware. At CES, all aspects of the tech sector are featured and represented.

Some of the companies presented at the CES include manufacturers, suppliers, and developers. Every single sector involved in all forms of consumer tech.

The CES usually includes a conference, where the most advanced pioneers, thinkers, and business leaders address the most pressing matters in the industry.

Biggest announcements made at CES

Many life-changing technologies have made their debut at CES. The first event took place in 1967, ever since thousands of products first showed there have become a staple of our daily life. Some of the most notable are: VCR, Disc Player, Camcorder, Digital Satellite Technology, High Definition Television, Xbox, Plasma TV, Tablets, Android Devices, Smart Appliances, 3D Printing, 4K, amongst many others. All of these technologies have combined, evolved, and improved to enrich the life we today possess. 

Most relevant product categories at CES and Innovations

The most relevant product categories of CES 2021 include:

  • AR/VR/XR/, 5G Technologies, Cloud Computing/ data, all of which will combine to bring significant improvements in gaming. These include Cloud gaming that acts as a new way to play without the need of a physical device.
  • 3D printing and Digital Health to aid the Health Sector.
  • Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity.
  • Digital Currency/ Cryptocurrency to democratize online banking.
  • Robotics and smart home appliances.
CES 2021

There are many other categories and products that will be featured, all for consumers’ benefits and technology advances.

What to expect from CES 2021?

2021 will see the first all-digital CES. It will happen from the 11th to the 14th of January, 2021. Each day will focus on different aspects of the event.

On January 11th, an exclusive media-only access event will take place. The 12th and 13th will focus on exhibitor showcase and conference programming. On the last day, there will be the open conference programming.

Who will be there? Keynote addresses

CES will be the platform for many tech business magnates to speak, and share their novel ideas. Here are some of the ones who have been officially announced by the CTA.

  1. Verizon will have Hans Vestberg (Chairman and CEO) to deliver the launching address. He will speak on January 11th. The focus of his speech will be about 5G as a potential benefit when integrated towards TelemedicineTele-education, and others.
  2. On the 12th of January, Gary Shapiro (President and CEO of the CTA) will join Karen Chupka (CES Executive Vice President)) in a presentation. The center of their speech will be technological trends, the speedy advance of tech we have seen this past year, and how to best benefit from CES.
  3. The second day will also host Mary Barra (General Motors’ CEO and Chairman). She will address General Motors’ advanced strategies to improve how communities all over the world move efficiently.
  4. The last keynote announcement features Dr. Lisa Su (AMD CEO and President). The doctor will present the future vision on work, entertainment, gaming, and education of AMD. She will include a compilation of high-performance graphic solutions and computing. Her keynote will be on the 12th of January, the second day of the CES event. 

Technology Industry innovators Speaking at CES 2021

  1. Mary Barra (CEO, GM)
  2. JT Batson (Co-Founder and CEO, Hudson MX)
  3. Molly Battin (Vicepresident, Marketing, Delta Airlines)
  4. Karen Chupka (Executive Vice President, CES)
  5. Norman De Greve (Chief Marketing Officer, CVS Health)
  6. Nadine Dietz (Chief Community Officer, Adweek & Host, CMO Moves)
  7. Chana Ginelle Ewing (Founder and CEO, GEENIE)
  8. Julian Mitchell (Co-Founder, IQ Labs)
  9. Kenny Mitchell (CMO, Snap Inc.)
  10. Tiffany Moore (Sr. VP, Political and Industry Affairs, Consumer Technology Association)
  11. Gary Shapiro (President and CEO, Consumer Technology Association)
  12. Matt Spiegal (EVP Marketing Solutions, Head of Media Vertical, TransUnion)
  13. Dr Lisa Su (President and CEO, AMD)
  14. Hans Vestberg (Chairman and CEO, Verizon)
  15. Edwin Wong (Senior Vice President of Media Insights and Innovation, Vox Media LLC)
  16. Jenn Wong (COO, Reddit)
  17. Shelley Zalis (CEO, The Female Quotient)

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