Will the PS5 be back on sale for Christmas?

While some brick and mortar shops have the PS5 for sale, the demand is too large and it’s unlikely that it will be available for Christmas.


PS5 pre-orders sold out in the first 12 hours in the USA and globally. Currently, the gaming console is sold out everywhere. Some individuals are reselling them at steep prices of twice and even three times the initial price.

The most searched websites and stores where it was initially available such as Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, Target have no stock available online.


Who has the PS5? 

There is a small saving grace if you’re keen on getting the PS5 before Christmas. For those located in the United States, some Walmart locations have the PS5 ready for grab in-store. According to the BrickSeek website, there are some PS5 listed in inventory across multiple states like Texas, Colorado, New Jersey, and California.

Since the PS5 is being highly coveted, it’s best to act fast and always make sure a copy of the console is still in stock before going for a trip to the store.

Is there a PS5 restock on the way?

There’s is no definitive information on a restock, and the skies look grim on the possibilities of it not being available before Christmas. While it is still possible, that the PS5 is back on sale, no store in the US has given any confirmation.

On the other hand, Amazon UK has suggested that a restock could be expected by December 14th, the last day of shipping that would make it possible to receive the console on Christmas. But, with little reassurance of there being a realistic chance.

Here are some links to the retailers that are most likely to have some in stock soon. They sell fast, so you must check the availability ahead of time, to secure your purchase. Some of the links listed below had the console in stock recently and sold out quite fast. (The Links below are meant as a quick way to check the status of the console on the retailer’s site)

Links to buy the PS5:

The digital Edition has sold faster, benign the cheaper model, and the possibility of it being restocked is slim, but here are some of the links where it will be available soon. (The Links below are meant as a quick way to check the status of the console on the retailer’s site)

Links to buy the PS5 Digital Edition:

What are the real chances of getting a PS5 for Christmas?

The newest Playstation 5 has been a global phenomenon. It has been selling out constantly in all the major stores and retailers.

So, is there a real chance of getting the PS5 for Christmas?

The answer is yes, but it depends on two factors, where you are located and how much are you willing to spend.

If you live in one of the wealthiest first world countries, your options are limited but hopeful. Either give constant chase to the major online retailers, until you get lucky enough for a restock or a second-hand unit, even a sealed console from a reseller. Option 1 will be exhausting, and potentially not fruitful, while Option 2 will be significantly more expensive.

If on the other hand, you’re located in a country where the PS5 has not been launch officially, or there are very few official retailers, then resellers are the only way to go. This reduced path means the price will be quite high, borderline unaffordable.

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