Xbox Cloud Gaming will be available on iOS

The fact that Xbox Cloud Gaming will be available on iOS and PC is the hottest news for gamers today. Microsoft’s streaming service has been available to Android phones and tablets for a while but there is no word on a iOS release due to Apple guidelines that prohibit streaming services. So what is the story behind it? Here is some information for you.

The Story So Far

Microsoft has recently announced that Xbox Cloud Gaming will come to iOS and PC in early 2021. This service has been available for android phones and tablets for a while. However, not many fans believed that Microsoft will release it on iOS due to the Apple guidelines that prohibit streaming service. But in a new blog post today, the company claims that this cloud gaming service will be part of Xbox Game Pass ultimate which will be available for iOS via web browser in spring of 2021. Specifically:

Expanding Xbox to new players is central to our ambition of helping games and developers find an easy path to the world’s 3 billion gamers. We are doing this by embracing multiple devices and providing a consistent Xbox experience wherever you log in, whether that’s on your Xbox Series X|S, PC, Xbox One, Android device or — starting in Spring 2021 — your Windows PC and iOS device from the cloud.

Microsoft also notes that cloud gaming on iOS via the web will technically be a “beta” at first. There are no further details provided. In addition, Xbox Cloud Gaming will be different from the streaming service that’s currently available. Note that this is also different than what’s available in the Xbox app, which allows Xbox console owners to stream games directly from their personal console.

What Is Cloud Gaming services?

Cloud gaming services are getting popular nowadays due to their convenience. With this new technology, you can play your favorite games without having to buy a specific console or a PC with powerful specs. There are many cloud gaming services to choose from, and they all stream games to your phone, tablet, TV, or computer, turning each device into a gaming machine.

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What is Xbox Cloud Gaming

Originally called Project xCloud, Microsoft’s cloud gaming service lets you play Xbox games on non-Xbox devices. The games run on a server in a data center near you. The video is streamed to your device, and your interactions are relayed to the server in real-time.


Xbox Cloud Gaming does not come as a separate subscription. Any players that subscribe to the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for $14.99 per month can access cloud gaming as part of their subscription. The plan also includes access to a library of games, EA Play, and Xbox Live Gold.

How to Access Xbox Cloud Gaming?

If you have an Android phone or tablet, you can access this streaming service via the Xbox Game Pass app. As mentioned, iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad will have to access Cloud Gaming via their web browser. For PC and Mac users, you’ll soon be able to launch a game on Xbox Cloud Gaming through both the Xbox app and a web browser.

Where Can You Use This Service?

Your experience will greatly vary depending on your internet connection and the quality of your Wi-Fi network. You also need to be located near a data center to minimize latency. Therefore, Xbox Cloud Gaming is currently accessible in a handful of countries, mostly the U.S., Canada, South Korea, and part of Europe. However, Microsoft is also planning to expand its cloud gaming service to more markets next year. It recently started testing the service in Australia, Brazil, Japan, and Mexico

Other Gaming Could Services on iOS

Microsoft is only the latest company to announce that its streaming game service will come to iOS via web browsers. Amazon recently announced that its Luna cloud gaming service will also be available on iOS via the web. On the other hand, Stadia, Google’s cloud gaming platform is also getting similar launch. And Nvidia also introduced a beta version of GeForce Now for iOS web browsers.

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And that is what you need to know about the iOS launch of Xbox Cloud Gaming. If you have any questions, please share them with us in the comments!

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